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obama. >> and at 2 a.m. i got a call from fema and signed a couple of declarations, and give credit to the president, on the phone with me, three times, and anything i've asked for and i thank the president publicly for that he's done as far as i'm concerned a great job for new jersey. charles: of course, chris christie is known as a straight shooter and argue that president obama has looked presidential during the storm so far, what do you think, david? >> well, all he has to do is do his job and it's not going to help or hurt him i think on the political front, it's a matter of just appearing that i've taken care of whatever the states have asked me to do. fema will have to do their responsibilities and we'll see how that plays out over the days. >> it plays for governor romney. both of these guys, you cannot ignore a fact a week from today is the election. charles: right. >> so, he has to do everything he can -- well, the president has to do everything he has to do. charles: how does it help romney. >> criticize iffed he doesn't do his job. he's criticized if he does too much and
could be. fema has put water bottles, blankets, all up and down the east coast ready to be deployed once there's any damage. for right now, it is from the federal government wait and see where this is specifically going to hit. a number of different responses. department of defense saying they've also got national guard ready in case that's needed. it is coming back here and just seeing where it is going to hit and how bad it is going to be. charles: thanks a lot. we know the u.s. equity markets are closed. here's a visual explanation as to why. you see the new york stock exchange is just blocks away from the new harbor, which right now is under a whole lot of water already this morning. we see the storm starting to surge over the water walls down there already. this is fresh video right now into fox business, but the commodities markets, well, they are trading because they trade in chicago and that's where sandra smith joins us for the cme. real big action in oil. sandra: i want to show you the trading floor down here because we're not shy of trading action or traders on the floor. you
to take money from new jersey, ship it to washington and have fema ship it back. stuart: doesn't federal money open up the spigots for private enterprise. if the feds are backing maybe reconstruction and backing the-- putting generators in place, if the federal government is backing that financially and with national resources, isn't that a help? >> yeah, but the federal government's broke. that money is taken from somewhere, it's taken from other people. if the people in new jersey decide, i need a generator, it's much better decided there, than the fema scandals are endless. after katrina they turned away free water from wal-martt stuart: okay, i'm in my house, a wife and two young kids and we have water up the bag stairs, i'm marooned in my bedroom and leaning out the window and saying, private enterprise help me, help me. no, i'm not going to say that. i'm going to say you cops, firefighters, please come get me, i need help this is an emergency. >> that's all local government. why would you want to send your money to washington for your local cops to help you? >> so that you only obj
, an outspoken republican is giving the president praise. take a listen. >> at 2:00 a.m. i got a call from fema to answer a couple of file questions and then -- final questions and then he signed the declaration this morning. the president has been on the the phone with me three times the last 24 hours. he's been very attentive and anything i have asked for, he has gotten to me. i thank the president publicly for that. he has done as far as i'm concerned a great job for new jersey. charles: coming up mike reagan's response to chris christie and his praise of the president. that's at 10:30. let's get back to the markets. sandra smith is at the cme in chicago. is everything back to normal? sandra: oh my gosh, charles, where are you? we're up above the stairs here. can you see me yet? larry? larry? all right. what we're doing right now is we just got done talking to terry duffy the executive chairman of the the exchange and he's saying the exchange so far has had a smooth open. s&p 500 futures, dow, nasdaq futures have all opened for the first time in three trading sessions. all opened up to the u
't need fema to come. or a guy in faceless building in d.c., what areas of the new jersey to help tomorrow. we could have locals doing that right now and further into fixing it. stuart: by the way, a couple of minutes, an extraordinary story. we've got utility workers who drove from alabama to new jersey and were turned away. their help was rejected because they weren't union members, we've got the story coming up. i promise you, unbelievable. and coming up 10:45 eastern, the man who might be able to show you where to fill up. his name is patrick doohan with good annal' be with us 10:45 and another new at ten story here now. in 2014 you'll have to fill out a brand new tax form so the government can verify you have health insurance. joining us now is grover norquist with americans for tax reform, he's going to explain this. you want to explain this? this is a whole new tax form, it's because of obamacare. what does the government want to know from me? >> well, under obamacare, you have to buy insurance or they tax you. and so, obama has put the irs, internal revenue service, in ch
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5